About Stink Bug Armageddon

Last Updated: November 1, 2011

Stink Bug Armageddon is a downloadable step-by-step guide that I created in the fall of 2011. It is a ~30 page book that covers all the best techniques for trapping, removing, and preventing stink bugs from getting in your home.

In early 2008 I created and published the most popular step by step guide on the internet for how to get rid of silverfish. Many thousands of people from all over the world have used my silverfish guide to successfully eradicate silverfish from their homes using my methods, and because I had a similar bug problem at my cabin, in this case stink bugs, I decided to release another guide demonstrating my methods for how to get rid of them too.

I believe Stink Bug Armageddon to be the most thorough and realistic stink bug control guide on the internet. All though this product is brand new and I do not yet have testimonials from internet customers, I expect many will pour in soon.

Questions for me? Contact me.

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All the best!


Bob Haskins





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