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Last Updated: November 1, 2011

Top 7 Reasons You Should Promote Stink Bug Armageddon:

  • Stink Bug Armageddon is a well-written, well-researched product based on real-life experiences with stink bugs problems. We know the market best!
  • We offer the best customer service in the market. All customer inquiries are answered within 24 hours!
  • Good affiliates convert between 3%-5% of their hops.
  • Lots of SEO opportunity for this niche! It will take weeks to rank your site in Google, not months or years.
  • Unlike many other pest control niches, this product converts all year round!
  • 24/7 Affiliate Support.
  • Refund Rates Less Than 1%
  • Review copies are available but will not be handed out to anyone who asks. If you would like a review copy please show us that you have a web site set up already. We are more than happy to give affiliates 1-on-1 support for maximizing conversions through their websites!


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Getting Started Promoting Our Product

Hoplink Generator

PPC Keywords

Forum Signatures

Product Images & Banners

Book Covers & Bonus Covers

SEO Keywords

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Getting Starting Promoting Our Product

For those of you who are brand new to affiliate marketing, here's a basic overview of how it works. First, you sign up to Clickbank and create your unique hoplink (explained below). Next, you send traffic to this website through your hoplink and for every sale you generate you will earn 50% of our product's price.

There are several ways that you can send traffic to our site:

  • You can promote to your friends on Facebook and Twitter.
  • You can email your affiliate hoplink to your friends.
  • You can add links to your signature in message boards.
  • You can advertise in Google Adwords, MSN Advertising, and other networks.
  • You can build web sites and rank them high in Google.

Join Now All It Takes Are Three Easy Steps:

Step 1. Join Clickbank  (Click here)

Step 2. Use your promotional tools and links on your website/blog or newsletter to target visitors to our site.

Step 3. Earn commission from Clickbank.


Affiliate Tools

Hoplink Generator - Create Your Affiliate Links

Step 1) Enter your Clickbank ID into the field below

Step 2) Enter your TID if you are using them to track your links (optional)

Step 3) Click "Create Hoplink"

Step 4) Copy your hoplink and use it to send traffic to

ClickBank Information:

ClickBank ID:

ClickBank Tracking ID (TID):


PPC Keywords

You will need to join Google Adwords and/or Microsoft adCenter (which now includes Yahoo Search Marketing):

Google Adwords

MSN Ad Center
(Includes Yahoo, Bing, and MSN)


Super Aff Tip #1: MSN AdCenter is WAY better than most people think. It's often cheaper than Google Adwords and reaches TONS of buying customers through the MSN ad network and all of Yahoo's web sites.

Super Aff Tip #2: Google content network is one of the most powerful ways to drive traffic.

ADGROUP #1 : Stink Bugs

ADGROUP #2 : Kill Stink Bugs

ADGROUP #3 : Stink Bug Control


Forum Signatures:

Posting in forums is an easy way to get your affiliate links out to a large audience. If you post often, with useful and relevant information, users will trust you and trust the products you recommend in your signature.

You can make your own forum signatures or you can try using one of ours. Make sure to add your hoplink!

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Product Images & Banners

Feel free to use any of the following banners to promote my stink bugs product. All of these banners have a border="1" which you may remove when you add then to your pages.


Stink Bug Armageddon


Stink Bug Armageddon


Stink Bug Armageddon


Stink Bug Armageddon Stink Bug Armageddon


Book Covers & Bonus Covers

Main Product Cover:

Stink Bug Armageddon

Stink Bug Armageddon

Stink Bug Armageddon



SEO Keywords

One of the best ways to make money as an affiliate is to build a good website, get it to the top of Google and drive that search engine traffic towards my web site. Any keywords that include words like "get rid of", "eliminate", "kill", "eradicate" , etc. are called buying keywords. They are the best!

Here are some examples:

SEO Keyword Examples


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